Sponsorship opportunities



Be aware of this opportunity to associate your company to this new project. We will offer some exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities to meet your objectives.

The main topics proposed for the 2020 meeting include:

  • Co-occurrence of Movement Disorders and Epilepsy: an historical overview;
  • The hunting of causative genes;
  • Basic cellular mechanisms involved in movement disorders and epilepsy;
  • Pathways involved in the co-occurrence of movement disorders and epilepsy;
  • Disorders related to: GNAO1; ATP1A3; SCN1A; FOXG1; TBC1D24; Other;
  • Principles of current and future management: medical treatments of the epilepsies, the movement disorders; deep brain stimulation; Gene therapy and other innovative treatments

We hope you will contribute to the success of this first edition, where you will be able to share ideas, establish interesting contacts and strengthen scientific collaboration, in the enjoyable Mediterranean atmosphere for which Barcelona is famous!.

We remain at your disposal for any further information you might like.



For more information on becoming a privileged partner at the 1st International Symposium on Genetic Syndromes with Movement Disorder and Epilepsy, please contact us at : paedmovdisorders@ant-congres.com




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